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Our vision is to provide the SOLUTION between Accountant, Business Owner and Bookkeeper. Our mission is to be the core link and meet the needs of both parties in order to maximise business growth to the client, while value adding to your firm.

Impressions WA understands the need for open and clear communication between Business Owners and Accountants, and noticed the hole in the market in this regard.  As Bookkeepers, we are privy to the Business Owners needs and issues on a day-to-day basis and this vital information doesn’t always get passed on to the Accountant where it can be utilised.

By becoming part of our Partner Referral Program we guarantee that we will be the bookkeeping solutions Perth to your firm in more ways than one.

  • We proactively promote your Accounting products and services -Accountants offer more than just a tax service and your clients are not necessarily utilising these additional business solutions.  In addition to providing a BAS service, we would like to add value to the client by making sure they are utilising the quality services you provide.
  • By providing you a customised quality bookkeeping service it will save you in overhead costs and give you a standard and quality Bookkeeping system which will make your life easier.
  • We provide regular Financial Reviews, Health Checks and Feedback on your clients which allows you a better insight in to their needs and therefore ascertain what additional services you can offer them and their business.

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