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Questions Your Perth Bookkeeper Should Be Asking You

Clients are always asking me, what makes a good Accountant. For me, a good accountant is one that shows interest in the client’s investment and is proactive in looking for ways the client can save tax and make good investment choices.

Well, the same thing applies to the bookkeeper. A GREAT Bookkeeper is a professional who is passionate about seeing their client succeed in reaching their business goals. When your bookkeeper steps into your office they should be looking for ways to provide you with information that you can use to measure and manage your business.

Here are some basic questions you should be getting asked by your bookkeeper on an annual basis:

Have you revised your Business insurances?
You will be surprised at the competitive market in insurance. By asking a few companies to quote at least annually can save you thousands in premiums.

Is your Motor Vehicle Log Book up to date?
A current log book is applicable so that your business can maximize your claims on motor vehicle costs.

Have you had a tax / financial review with your Accountant in the last 6 months?
Many businesses consider a review with their Accountant to be a large cost. However, what you can save in tax by seeing your Accountant in the current financial year can be the silver lining if you’re keeping money in your business instead of sending it to the tax man. Your bookkeeper should be proactive in encouraging your Accountant’s involvement in your business. If they find something that may have a tax consequence then it needs to be brought to your attention in order for you to take the opportunity to approach your tax professional.
TIP: Ask for a quote on a review with your Accountant before setting up the meeting, you will be surprised as how affordable it will be, some Accountants don’t charge for this service.

Are you looking for more Business?
Your Bookkeeper is your best sales rep! They are out there amongst other businesses on a daily basis. As a passionate team member of your business your bookkeeper should be proactive in growing your business.

Do you understand your financial reports?
If yes, it’s a sign of a great Bookkeeper who takes the time to go over your reports with you and make sure you understand what you’re looking at. You then have the opportunity to question anything that looks unusual.

The relationship between you and your Bookkeeper needs to be to your advantage as the Business Owner, you need to be 100% confident that you know where your business stands at any point in the game. Make sure you’re getting your questions answered…and more importantly that your Bookkeeper is asking you all of the RIGHT questions.